Welcome and hello to my cousins, possible cousins and interested visitors.

This web site began as an outgrowth of my inability to email large files. I wanted to send research files to my cousins but the photos and census images were too big to add as attachments. I (and mainly my daughter, owner of Moxy Media) made this website to host those images so my cousins could view them and save them to their computers.

Now it has become a home for all the genealogy research that has been accumulating in notebooks on bookshelves. This is no small amount of information because I, and my other daughter, have been collecting genealogical information on several families for many years.

Check the Research page for the latest ancestor that I have discovered and the Blog page for my thoughts and philosophies about genealogy.

I will try to add a new bio or story to the Bio page as often as I can.

Genealogy seems to be more fun when information is shared. If you have more accurate information about an event than I do, please take the time to let me know the correct fact and your source so that I can fix it. I would be glad to include anyone else's research with proper credit to them. Please consider adding to what is already here.

I am happy to share my work with anyone who is doing their own personal research. If you copy facts from this site please credit me, Jan Markle, or this site, along with the source. If you publish any facts taken from this site, please do so only with the agreement that you will check back later to see if the facts have been updated.

Although I have tried to be thorough in my facts, there are undoubtedly mistakes. This is especially probable if I haven't listed any source for a fact. Most of my facts are sourced except facts in doubt or ancestors near the ends of the lines. Sometimes I have some unsourced ancestors at the far ends of the lines that I am pretty sure of but haven't been able to prove yet. Other times I have included an unsourced name that is worth investigating but remains a clue only.

*No source means the fact is unproven, needs further research and should not be published without noting its unproven status.*

Nothing worse than propagating incorrect information. Please be responsible in your usage, for the sake of everyone doing genealogical research.

If you are working on any of these lines or related families, please contact me so we can share information. I often have more information than can be posted so please do email me.

I hope this site is able to give you something of value towards your search.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Happy hunting!


In case of fire, take these!
In case of fire, take these!


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