William Roberts, Patriot, born 1762 CT

Latest research findings:

This is the man of the year. We know that William Roberts is John Roberts' father since we have John N. Roberts (John N. Roberts is the son of John Roberts) attesting to "my grandfather William" having been in the Revolutionary War but we have no document that proves that relationship. Luckily we have many documents and family histories left to search.

I have finally found a Roberts cousin. She descends from John Roberts' brother, Lyman. This cousin has done a lot of research and, because she grew up not far from Trumbull County Ohio, she has lots of original sources. One of them is a marriage record for Lyman that states that Lyman's father, "William Roberts" gave permission for the marriage. John Roberts and Emeline Hotchkiss' marriage record from 1822 does not mention John's father's name.

More on him soon.


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